Laughter and Love

Wholehearted, ready laughter heals, encourages, relaxes anyone within hearing distance.  The laughter that springs from love makes wide the space around it — gives room for the loved one to enter in.  Real laughter welcomes, and never shuts out.

Eugenia Price, 1916-1996
American Writer

 29Jesus said, “Throw your lot in with the One that God has sent. That kind of a commitment gets you in on God’s works.”


John 6:29



The Message (MSG)


My kindergarten this past year was pure delight.  They were bright, good listeners, ready with laughter.  And their laughter was like a tune that once heard was hard to stop singing.  They would laugh, and even though I would try and keep a straight face, they were so infectious that I could barely hold back.  They learned about Elvis Presley, Chico Marx, Freddy Prinz (all because one little boy was called “Chico” by his dad The children had never heard of any of these cultural icons.  We entered in to a cultural awareness education, and laughter all at once. And oh the love in the room! When the teacher came in, she wondered, and so we invited the teacher into the song, and she picked up on it and kept it alive.


The Lord gives us many opportunities to laugh, not make fun of ourselves, but to laugh at our own seriousness, our own folly, and to laugh with others who love us, whom we love.  Today, instead of putting yourself down, take some time to laugh, watch a funny movie, read a funny book, or laugh with friends about the humor in human nature or how God loves us even when we are “unaware” as those kindergartners.


Because of Him,



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