Fellowship and small things


If you believe in a God who controls the big things, you have to believe in a God who controlsl the little things.  It is we, of course to whom things look “little” or “big.”

Elizabeth Elliot, 1936-

American Writer, M.Martyred missionary Jim Elliot


“But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.”

James 1:5NASB


I did not set out to make this week a Tolkien week, but the pictures that flash before me as I read the combination of quote and scripture present me with scenes from one of my favorite works of literature as quickly as breath fills my lungs.  Small things, big things,  indeed.

Around the council of Elrond sit (visibly) six. Six who were summoned over a small thing, the ring.  And then other small things were heard…several tongues.  Several tongues who had their own ends in sight.  The ring caused great arguing, prejudices were revealed, fighting ensued.

And then another small thing was heard, a hobbit. A hobbit who did not really like to travel, a hobbit who sought the comforts of the shire, a hobbit who came forward to stop the arguing.  With his pledge, came the pledges of all those who had previously been arguing,  and then three more.  Three more small things, if you will; three more hobbits. Hobbit, friends and now fellow “ques-tors.”  Thus a council of nine was formed and blessed –  with one purpose: to get Frodo to Mordor where the ring would be destroyed.

One small person, albeit reluctant, now the center of a group that pledged him their troth in a quest to save all of their peoples.  We are all hobbits in some way. Not just in the hair on our toes!  But in carrying that one thing that God has given us to carry on the mission prescribed.  I cannot say what you were given, but I know that it was entrusted to you and that love under-girds it.  Maybe you are a tentative alto, a fledgling writer, a computer geek whose confidence waivers, a dog-walker who has a way with even the toughest beast, a gardener who coaxes life from fallow ground. I cannot say.  But I do know who is in charge.

Today, as you go about your tasks, large or small, do them with fealty to the one who created us all and binds us together.

Because of Him,




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January 23, 2013 · 11:21 am

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