Christian gambling?

Action is indeed the sole minimum of expression for ethics.

Jane Addams, 1860-1935
American Social Reformer
Nobel Prize Recipient

Therefore. as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people.
Galatians 6:10

I heard this for the first time yesterday on K-LOVE radio. I pretty much cried all the way to work. These people put feet on their faith and invested in a young man and his cleaning business. As he found his dream to be a comedian, they gave him a travel account at their agency. Just listen to Steve Harvey. He is pretty choked up, but he says at the end, “You bet on me man, and I never forgot it.”

Someone bet on all of us. For me it was my parents, and a quartet of amazing teachers, Helen Mary Woodcock, Judy Baumel, Jacqueline Jones LaMon, Robert Venning. They encouraged me in the same ways that the Liss’s friends encouraged him. They took action. They encouraged. They loved me and saw something in me that had possibilities.

Today, give thanks for those people who “bet” on you. Pay it forward.

Because of Him,


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