Bind Us Together

“Your life is your own, your glory is your glory, but you will lose it if you keep it for yourself. Grasp it for the sake of others…” 

― N.D. WilsonDandelion Fire

4 For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office: 5 so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.
– Romans 12:4-5
We are losing neighbors today.  Neighbors that moved in when I was a little girl, a very little girl.  We had an opportunity to bid them farewell this past weekend.  As is often the case with the Lord, my purpose was to go and make them feel good, and instead, I was given grace and healing and new hope. I was able to lay some things to rest that really needed to rest.  
It was good to recount some of the funny things of the past, and good to “grow up” a little more in the good-byes.  I met some new neighbors and the thread we all shared as one was golden.  God is surely present in this neighborhood. We are blessed.  I think the original apple farmer must have walked our block from one end to the other and prayed.  I think he prayed again before he sold the orchard.  Believers popped up in nearly every home! Imagine if we all began to pray as one! Each neighbor plays a vital role in this block’s body. Just as you play in your own.
Today, walk your own territory, and pray it as a gift to God. If you actually walk your neighborhood, reach your hand out physically or mentally and pray for each home as you pass it.  Lord, knit us together!
Bind us Together
Because of Him,

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