The Public Square


Mother Nature is wonderful. Children get too old for piggy-back rides just about the same time they get too heavy for them. 
~Author Unknown

14 Seek good and not evil—
and live!
You talk about God, the God-of-the-Angel-Armies,
being your best friend.
Well, live like it,
and maybe it will happen.

15 Hate evil and love good,
then work it out in the public square.
Maybe God, the God-of-the-Angel-Armies,
will notice your remnant and be gracious.

Amos 5:14-15

The Message (MSG)


I don’t know what made that mom in the city drag her four year old out of the beauty parlor and flogging him in public.  I don’t know if she could see the terror in his eyes at her hand, the flinching from her words.  She used both words and hands in exactly the same way; to beat him down for crying.

I wondered, as I observed from my safe stroll across the street, if he would live to be five, if he would learn to jail his feelings inside, if he would become an abusive parent.

I wondered what drove her to treat him that way; was she just fired?, late for a drug injection?, did her husband just leave her? who beat her that way?  I prayed for her to stop. I prayed for him, as we kept on to our destination.  I pray for him, and for others like him, even now. I did not know how to work that out in the public square.


When that young man gets to heaven, he will never be tool old for a piggy back ride. And neither will his mother.


What would you do if you saw such violence, if you see such violence?  What have you done?  If there is something physical beyond prayer, please share.

It hurts still.

Because of Him,



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