Sarcasm? Er, uh…

People who fly into a rage always make a bad landing. 
       ~ Will Rogers

10-13 David blessed God in full view of the entire congregation:

Blessed are you, God of Israel, our father
    from of old and forever.
To you, O God, belong the greatness and the might,
    the glory, the victory, the majesty, the splendor;
Yes! Everything in heaven, everything on earth;
    the kingdom all yours! You’ve raised yourself high over all.
Riches and glory come from you,
    you’re ruler over all;
You hold strength and power in the palm of your hand
    to build up and strengthen all.
And here we are, O God, our God, giving thanks to you,
    praising your splendid Name.

~ 1 Chronicles 29:11


Imagine if your preacher flew into a rage in the pulpit.  What if he or she just started going through his or her laundry list about a person or a subject at full volume, with no thought for the effect on those in the congregation?  I, for one, would hear a small alarm going off in my head, and I would be on alert.  I only heard this once in my Christian walk, where it was anger and not righteous indignation.  It was a traveling evangelist who was used to moving the crowd and moving on.


He served for a short time in a church I attended over 30 years ago.  What he did was physically split the church in weeks to come.  There was a rending of God’s people that still throbs like arthritis in bad weather on occasion.  Will Rogers was known for his kindness, for his humor, for his honesty in his comments political and otherwise.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt said of Will, 


 “His humor and his comments were always kind. His was no biting sarcasm that hurt the highest or the lowest of his fellow citizens. When he wanted people to laugh out loud, he used the methods of pure fun. And when he wanted to make a point for the good of mankind, he used the kind of gentle irony that left no scars behind it.”

— President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

What struck me in this comment was “no biting sarcasm.” I am guilty of this, I am good at this, and sadly it seems to be the norm for many where I live.  It is so easy to be sarcastic sometimes.  I am always touched by the sincerity of those who don’t use sarcasm.
Today, try to give your anger to God, and if you are a sarcasm user, try to substitute more direct, kinder words. The kind that if you were given the opportunity, you would not mind if you were quoted from before God, from the pulpit.
Because of Him,

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