Coming Clean

Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught. 

    ~ Author Unknown
As a father shows compassion to his children,
    so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him.
     ~ Psalm 103:13
She was stern behind the wheel of that mint green Cadillac.  Drove with straight lipped tenacity as if the road were hers. So when my children showed up with wet shoes and wet clothing, dirtier than usual with the story of the mean old lady that drove into a puddle and got them wet, it was believable.  
Until I began to think about it. 
 “Where were you?  I don’t remember  a puddle there.”
You know we were walking down close to the woods.
“But we were calling you. How did you not hear us?”
The story got better and better, but it was not until I went to re-sell my daughters college textbooks, at her request, that I found the composition that confirmed my suspicions of years before.  They had gone off to explore the woods, got dirty and began to rehearse their story before they ever got within a stone’s throw of the house.
Of course my husband and I were afraid and read them the riot act, appropriately grounding the school aged children.  We showed them compassion, and waited.  It was not the last of their capers, but it was the scariest.  
I never met the mean old lady in the Cadillac, but I can remember always giving her lots of room on our narrow little road that hemmed the mouth of the Nissequogue River.
God is not fooled by our stories either.  God knows the truth, and is merciful.  God does not need to wait to find the composition…that book was written long before we were born.
God loves us with our dirty wet clothes, and our tales that rival the great Tall Tales of folklore.  Coming clean to God is a lot easier than coming clean to many.  Just do it.
Because of Him,



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