Cleaning Up My Act

“As you get older, the physical deterioration is offset by a larger world view and a deeper sense of gratitude.” 
     ~ Diane Keaton
Go home and wash up.
    Clean up your act.
Sweep your lives clean of your evildoings
    so I don’t have to look at them any longer.
Say no to wrong.
    Learn to do good.
Work for justice.
    Help the down-and-out.
Stand up for the homeless.
    Go to bat for the defenseless.
     ~ Isaiah 1:16-17
     I read on someone’s “Wall” the other day that she was deeply offended by the racism that she has been seeing on other folks’ walls.  She was so upset she was going to take a break from Facebook.  This while on her own wall she called a politician, not of her liking, a human colonoscopy.
     My first thought was, “How does she not see that as offensive?”
And my second thought was, “What do people see on my wall that is offensive?”
     My job is to continue to follow the Lord, doing my level best to build folks up, and if I have a problem with someone, to find a way to tell them to their face, and preferable not before an audience unless it is specifically warranted by the situation.
The other actions prescribed by Isaiah are so important that I don’t know how I ever have time to pull someone else down.
Lord, today, help me to follow you closely, loving those that come into my path, and whose path I cross.  Help me to build up. Help me to hear you more clearly.  Help me to be kind, and to be honest as I clean up my own act.
Because of Him,

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