Broken Together

Once a woman has forgiven her man, she must not reheat his sins for breakfast.


     ~ Marlene Dietrich
Isn’t it obvious that conspirators lose out,
    while the thoughtful win love and trust?
     ~ Proverbs 14:22
     It is so hard to stay in the here and now when one argues, when one has a disagreement with someone with whom they have had a long relationship.  
     I heard a woman complaining, soliloquizing about the many sins of a female relative in the privacy of a restaurant (!) whilst the listener just listened and quietly interjected her thoughts when there was a break.  I have been on the phone with a friend who can only complain about her family and recite a long list of hurts, in denial that she has caused or contributed to any of them.  It’s like an invisible “black book,” but it is there nonetheless.
I have been listening to a song on K-Love called Broken Together by Casting Crowns.  It speaks of a married couple, but it also speaks of brokenness on both sides.  Consider the lyrics now, and pray for whatever relationship speaks to your heart as you listen.
Broken Together
I think, in some cases we can consider the church family here.  We are, none of us complete with out Christ, and all of us are broken together, bringing our gifts and our brokenness to the only one who can use it all, Jesus.
Lord, help us to bring our dreams, our brokenness, our bodies to your feet.  Lay your hands upon us as we move forward this day.  Let us know and walk in your peace and power.
Because of Him,

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