Praise You in This Storm

Laughter is an instant vacation. 

          ~Milton Berle


Sing hymns to God;
    all heaven, sing out;
        clear the way for the coming of Cloud-Rider.
Enjoy God,
    cheer when you see him!

Father of orphans,
    champion of widows,
        is God in his holy house.

 ~ Psalm 68:4-5

     Sometimes, it is beyond possible to contain oneself when one sees God at work.  The joy, the laughter, the tears of realizing what God has done.  It is far more difficult to see how God is working when you in the midst of the struggle, the center of the storm, ten years in to believing for the miracle.  

     The tide seems a bit too high, the sun is a bit too hot, the season lasts a bit too long.  In short, it is hard to laugh, let alone cheer.  And yet, this is precisely when we must.

     We must praise Him in the midst of the storm. Casting Crowns does a beautiful job of directing us in this effort.  Hold on church.  God is truly as close as breath.  Take a deep one, down to your toes.  In fact take three.  God will raise you up at the most unusual moment.  And then you will laugh, and cry and praise and yes, cheer.

I will Praise You in this Storm

Because of Him,


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