Honey Do – and Reality

Anyone can do any amount of work provided it isn’t the work he’s supposed to be doing at the moment. 
                                                     ~ Robert Benchley
“Am I not a God near at hand”—God’s Decree—
    “and not a God far off?
Can anyone hide out in a corner
    where I can’t see him?”
        God’s Decree.
“Am I not present everywhere,
    whether seen or unseen?”
        God’s Decree.
                                    ~ Jeremiah 23:24
     We make a list, and somehow this gives us permission to do anything else but what is on the list.  We meaning my husband and me.  Things get done, but they are not on the list. Sometimes it is the act of thinking about it that requires more labor than doing something else.  Sometimes it is the procrastination monster, or the “it’s not that urgent” monster.    Sometimes it being just plain lazy.  I am always amazed at folks who can make a list and stick to it.  However, no matter what your method, God knows what actually gets done always.
     This is in no way a guilt club attempt, it is merely a reality check for being human.  Jesus was fully human and fully divine.  I am still working on the fully part of human, and praying for the divine to settle in.  
     As you go about your tasks today, listen to that still small voice that is ever present, and do that work.
Because of Him,

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