Along the Way

Spend the afternoon. You can’t take it with you.

                                                            ~ Annie Dillard
God will be king over all the earth, one God and only one. What a Day that will be!
                                                             ~ Zechariah 14:9
     It’s how you spend the afternoon.  It’s where your head is while your body is spending the afternoon.  It’s where your heart is.  Sometimes, being with a friend helps the time to pass, and ministers to a part of you that is unspoken.  Sometimes being with that same friend is all the joy one can bear in that time.  Sometimes, being with a friend merely feels like an obligation.
     It is not for me to say which is right, which is wrong.  If I am fully present in a painful place, it might be too much to bear.  Mel Gibson said, when he made The Passion of the Christ that he always gave the viewer a place to look other than the center of the screen when the scenes were most painful.  Because it was too much to bear.
      No matter how you spend your afternoon, God is with you, God is your refuge and  your strength, and God’s mercy is relentless.  Be fully present with God as your spend your day, and see the treasures that are revealed.  I know some of you record them with the eye of the camera and your days are amazing.
    Lord, help me to be fully present with you wherever I am.  Guide my eyes to all that you would have me see, help me to pray for those along the way.
Because of Him,

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  1. make room in the heart, thanks for the post, amen

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