Wildfires and Rare Birds

I can think of no more stirring symbol of man’s humanity to man than a fire engine. 
     ~ Kurt Vonnegut
Teach me how to live to please you,
    because you’re my God.
Lead me by your blessed Spirit
    into cleared and level pastureland.
     ~ Psalm 143:10
     I have recently finished reading Sneed Collard the Third’s Firebirds , Valuing Natural Wildfires and Burned Forests. It is a tale of the benefits to forests in the aftermath of a wildfire.  I was surprised to find out how beneficial wildfires can be in a forest.  It seems that not only does the deadwood get burned off, but the benefits to the soil, to the plant life, to the bird life grow exponentially after a natural fire.
     Our family went through a house fire in 1977, and it was all because I was trying to repair a candle. A candle which I left burning while I went downstairs to tend to my hair.  What happened after the fire was that we cleaned, we had much needed work done on the house, and I found out that my mother was unshakable in an emergency.  She cooked linguine and clam sauce while the firemen were upstairs containing the fire in my bedroom.
     In a forest, wildfires have all the above mentioned benefits and one more.  Rare birds nest in a burned out forest that nest in few other places.  When a fire affects you, the level ground is easier to see, and you might just find out that the rare bird is you.
     Thank you Lord for all the rare birds in my life.  And for the fires that revealed them.
Because of Him,

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