We Must Sing Together

America is a tune. It must be sung together. 

                                              ~Gerald Stanley Lee, Crowds
I look up to the mountains;
    does my strength come from mountains?
No, my strength comes from God,
    who made heaven, and earth, and mountains.
                                             ~ Psalm 121:1, 2
     I walked into choir rehearsal last night, and was met with the sound of music, the loving glance of our church organist and, as I crossed the floor to my seat, the “Hello.” of our choir director.  They are good teachers, and one of the things I love about them beyond their honed, collective talents, is they they don’t miss one “student.”
     Normally I would come in greeting everyone, or looking at everyone and saying hi, but last night, it was all I could do to get across the floor and find my seat.  We sang a new hymn last night, “From the Nets of Our Labor.” (http://www.hymnary.org/media/fetch/150514)  (partial melody only).  I was having a hard time getting a particular rhythm and asked for help.  Our director phrased it for me and tapped it out so I would get the melody against the rhythm and then we proceeded.  The next verse went straight to my soul:
When we hear words of hatred
spreading fear or false witness,
words that cry to be challenged,
Jesus summons us all. [Refrain]
We will rise up and follow,
Christ before and beside us,
loving pattern to guide us,
as we answer the call.
     It was all I could do to sing it as it got caught in my throat, fully reflecting the question that had nearly taken down my day.   NO matter how snarky, hurtful, untrue, unkind the things that are said around me are, I am called to rise up and follow, using the loving pattern of Jesus to guide me as I answer his call.
     Going to choir last night was surely as ordered for me as breathing, and last night was a healing balm for my soul.
Today, follow the pattern of Christ, strong and true and be as kind as possible.  
     Because of Him,

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