The Healing Breath of God

The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there. 
                          ~Lesley P. Hartley, The Go-Between, 1953
So I answered, “I’m coming.
    I read in your letter what you wrote about me,
And I’m coming to the party
    you’re throwing for me.”
That’s when God’s Word entered my life,
    became part of my very being.
                    ~ Psalm 40:7,8
     We cling to our favorite stories, be they healing or hurtful.  Of late, beyond hearing myself, I am noticing that moving past an old hurt takes the sting out of telling the story.  When we retell an injustice, a personal affront with as much passion as we experienced it the first time, it is like picking a scab, in some cases undoing the surgery.
     When we lose a loved one, everything comes into sharp focus, and the daily grind often falls by the wayside as we struggle to just walk through the day. The scab falls, the wound heals.  
     Recognizing this is a step in the healing process.  The petty “mosquitoes” of griping are easy to slap down, ignore, let out the window. As we allow them to go, the being lifted up is much easier because we are lighter.  We can dress for God’s party, the beauty of God’s word and leave a trail of light in our wake and enter in with a heart for praise.  
     Today, let the cleansing breath of God fall across your wounds, hurts, favorite stories of injustice.  Ask God for new words, a new song, and sing it out.
     Because of Him,

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