Dear Lord, Thank You

Saying thank you is more than good manners. It is good spirituality. 

                        ~ Alfred Painter
“Come. Sit down. Let’s argue this out.”
    This is God’s Message:
“If your sins are blood-red,
    they’ll be snow-white.
If they’re red like crimson,
    they’ll be like wool.
If you’ll willingly obey,
    you’ll feast like kings.
But if you’re willful and stubborn,
    you’ll die like dogs.”
That’s right. God says so.
                        ~ Isaiah 1:18
     As I sat and had lunch with a friend, I realized something that I had been chewing on a lot longer came up.  I found an email from 2001 where I was complaining about a betrayal that had laid me low.  I read my conversation with another old friend, and saw and felt the passion with which I was hurting.  But still, after reading the email from top to bottom, I could not, and still cannot remember what the betrayal was.  
     This led me to thinking about other groups in which I feel that uncomfortable because they don’t live by what their mouths speak.  And that led me back to the pointing one finger out at others, leaving four to point back at me.
     I realized that once more, I was not loving people just the way they are.  Oh Lord, how do you do it every day?  For millennial runs?
     Thank you, mom and dad, for withstanding all the things I knew so much better than you did.  Thank you children for being patient with your mother who believes everything she taught you, and doesn’t always live up to it.  Thank you dear husband for your patience with me in so many areas.  Thank you friends for rising up like stars on a dark night and shining God’s light my way.  Thank you dear enemies for pushing me into God’s arms with prayers for you.  Thank you dear readers for reading, pondering, considering what I send your way. Thank you precious Lord for lifting up my chin past the mirror that I might gaze into your amazing face, and experience the grace and the peace that passes all understanding.
     Because of Him,

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One response to “Dear Lord, Thank You

  1. thank you for the post Linda, i gave thanks last night, and my prayer was a simple thanks, amen

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