Try a Little Kindness

Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him. 

                                                ~Aldous Leonard Huxley

 He sat down and summoned the Twelve. “So you want first place? Then take the last place. Be the servant of all.”
                                                ~ Mark 9:35
     What unkind acts have shaped you?  What kind responses have you been able to muster?  Have you polished the shoes of someone who was mean to you?  Did you set the table for a sibling who was supposed to do it even after they were mean to you?  Did you cook dinner for a partner who was abusing you knowing that you were the only heaven they would ever experience?
    Lift up the unkindness that have been visited upon you.  Ask Jesus to turn them into jewels in your crown, or to use them for His glory.
If you have an example of a story, I would love for you to share it. Something where either you or someone you know responded in kindness to an unkind act.
   What will we do with today?  How will we handle the battles great and small?
    Lord, help us to respond in kindness to the mean girls, the unkind remarks, the callous responses to our pain.  And Lord, Help us to be even kinder.
Glen Campbell
   Because of Him,

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