Innocent’s Hue

When snow falls, nature listens. 
                                                         ~Antoinette van Kleeff
For God’s Word is solid to the core;
    everything he makes is sound inside and out.
He loves it when everything fits,
    when his world is in plumb-line true.
Earth is drenched
    in God’s affectionate satisfaction.
                                                            ~ Psalm 33:4,5
Each one unique,
six sided wonder.
the child’s delight,
The plow man’s thunder.
Each tree and walkway
freshened faces
light abounds
every place is
drenched in Your sure
pardon seen anew
iridescent , white
innocent’s hue.
Cover me again
Lord mine,
let me be
forever Thine.
Dear Lord, when I fall, cover me, renew my face, enfold me in your affirming love, set me on the right path.
Because of Him,
Linda, who loves watching the snow.

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