I Will Call Upon the Lord

It takes three springs to make one leap year. 
     ~ The Comic Almanack
I’m in trouble. I cry to God,
    desperate for an answer:
“Deliver me from the liars, God!
    They smile so sweetly but lie through their teeth.”
      ~ Psalm 120:1-2
     I am becoming more and more of an introvert, content to listen and watch others instead of leaping in to the mix.  It is the season of the election.  I listen, I watch, I hear the criticism that reminds me of math class… Our teacher always told us that a theory could be unproven by ONE exception.
     I listen to the voices of Washington, and so often they don’t see or hear me when I am the exception.  I listen to words from high places, and hear criticism when I am the exception.  Are you an exception?  Are you the one who takes action when others are content to sit?  Are you the one who cries out for those with no voice?  
     As we are in this season of elections, awards, loud voices with conviction, can we still hear the still, small voice that guides us?
    Today, as you venture forth, the minority that you are, listen for that voice, call upon the Lord, and pray for those who speak wrongly against you.
     Lord, help me to forgive those who do not speak for me, and remember that you are the constant, you are the giver of life, the breath that sustains, the voice of hope.  Help the voices of Washington to hear your voice above the din of the politics.
I Will Call Upon the Lord
    Because of Him,

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