The Building Block

Reason is our soul’s left hand, Faith her right.                                                    
                                                                              ~ John Donne
With that, Peter, full of the Holy Spirit, let loose: “Rulers and leaders of the people, if we have been brought to trial today for helping a sick man, put under investigation regarding this healing, I’ll be completely frank with you—we have nothing to hide. By the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the One you killed on a cross, the One God raised from the dead, by means of his name this man stands before you healthy and whole. Jesus is ‘the stone you masons threw out, which is now the cornerstone.’ Salvation comes no other way; no other name has been or will be given to us by which we can be saved, only this one.”
                                                                                 ~ Acts 4:10-12
     He is changing lives.  He has changed yours whether you accept 

company with Him or choose not to at this time. When I am feeling rejected, I hang on to this block.  And all of us feel rejected sometimes.  

     Happy it makes me to pray and ask Him to breathe new life into a situation, a loved one, a country.  He makes all things new.  Today, keep this little song in your head.  In all the parts! Here’s to a new day.
The Building Block

Noel Stookey
©1977  Public Domain Foundation, Inc.

The building block that was rejected
Became the cornerstone of a whole new world
The building block that was rejected
Became the cornerstone of a whole new world

When I am down and unsuspected
With a burden that does not show
I think what time has resurrected
And how the sun can make the water flow


There is a man who has collected all the sorrow in our eyes
He gives us love as God directed but is seldom recognized


When all your dreams have been connected
And your vision has been returned
Remember, love, you are protected
By the truth your heart has learned.


Because of Him,



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