So often in life a new chapter awaits. You ride off into the sunset and discover it’s the sunrise. 
                                             ~ Robert Brault
“Oh, give thanks to the Lord and pray to him,” they sang.
“Tell the peoples of the world
About his mighty doings.
                                              ~ 1 Chronicles 16:8
     I am surely at a crossroads.  Relationships are popping up before me and showing me their “x-ray.”  Some of these shots are pleasing, all are truthful. And now where to proceed. 
  •  Co-dependent –  I love to give, You love to take,
  •  Guilt ridden –     If you really cared, you would ____.
  •  Unattainable –   I have always wanted to be your friend, you                                                                     avoid it, giving what you can, which is not much.
  •  Work friend –     We only associate at work, and it is                                                                                       pleasant, can it last?
  •  Seasonal/life time-  When we need each other, we are there                                                                            for each other.
  •  Restored –           We were once friends, and one of us                                                                                   dropped the ball, but the Lord put us in each other’s pathways.
  •   Toxic –                 It’s pleasant for a while, but you want                                                                               something, always.
  • Healthy –               Uplifting, agape’, respect, reciprocation, but                                                                    it’s all good.
     All of these are parts of many relationships, the same relationships, no relationship that you might know, but what they really have in common is the way that the friend is seen.  All this time, I have been seeing them with my heart, but not necessarily through God’s eyes.
     I am especially thankful for one friend right now, with whom I can completely be myself, warts and all.  She likes to be in my company, and I in hers, but it is not often enough.  I know this is a turning point in my life, and I  must first ask God to let me see all I come in contact with through God’s eyes.  That is where the love comes in, that is where the acceptance (good or bad) comes in, that is where the “real” lives.  It is especially hard for me to differentiate between ministry and friendship and this crossroads is no different.
     Lord, I lift up all those I call friend, no matter what is attached.  I ask you to let me see them through your eyes, with love and wisdom, and to help me to move forward in the way You would have me walk.
Because of Him,

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